Gabriel Krisman Bertazi

Who am I?

I am a computer hacker dedicated to develop and advocate Free Software, because I believe this is the way for people to truly control the technology around them. Other than contributing to Free Software projects, I've promoted events, given lectures and advocated discussions on why Free Software is a matter of importance in today's society. I also contributed to the creation of LibrePlanet São Paulo (in Portuguese), a team of skilled hackers dedicated to spread the word about Software Freedom and promote education on the GNU/Linux operating system.

Currently, I'm an engineer at the IBM Linux Technology Center1, working on device drivers development for the Linux Kernel. My main areas of interest are Operating Systems, Compilers, Security, Virtual Machines and Computer Networks. Some of my previous work involve automatic generation of virtual machines and optimization selection during compilation.

I'm in the senior year of my undergraduate education in Computer Science at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP). In addition, I'm also a member of LMCAD and LSC, the two research labs at UNICAMP where I did most of my research projects.

Previous Work

ARMv7 simulator

A platform virtual machine of an ARMv7 based device, written in ArchC and C++, capable of partially booting a GNU/Linux operating system.


A Free Software system to estimate speed of vehicles using only video cameras. We presented this at the Intel Embedded Systems Competition, during the III Brazilian Symposium on Computing Systems Engineering.

You may want to take a look at my gitweb page.


BERTAZI G. K. ; DA SILVA, A. F. ; BORIN, E. . A Hybrid Framework to Accelerate Adaptive Compilation Systems. Proceedings of the 18th Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages, 2014. Paper, Presentation,

BERTAZI, G. K. ; AULER, R. ; BORIN, E. . Uma plataforma para o ensino de organização de computadores e linguagem de montagem. International Journal of Computer Architecture Education , v. 3, p. 13, 2014. Paper, Presentation

MORGAN, A. ; BERTAZI, G. ; Medeiros, A. ; BORIN, E. ; Goldenstein, S. . SINAR: A low-Cost Image-Based Speed Radar. Presented at Intel Embedded Systems Competition 2013. III Brazilian Symposium on Computer Systems Engineering. 2013. Paper.

Teaching Assistant (In Portuguese)

MC404EF - 2s2012

MC404AB - 1s2013

Contact information

You can contact me by sending an e-mail to user gabriel at krisman dot be.

You may also find me on Jabber (same as my e-mail address), and on IRC, as krisman at Freenode.

  • Send me encrypted mail, if possible. My GPG key is here.
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All the content in this web page does not, by any means, represent the opinion of my employer. The point of views and content available in this personal web page are entirely my personal opinions.

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